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Interview with Super Fan Rob

MJ: Ok Rob, first I got to know what is it about Daniel Bryan that makes you a fan?

Super Fan RobRob: I was always a fan of Chris Benoit. When I saw Daniel doing a flying head butt and a crippler cross face of his own I became a fan. Also I was always a fan of the Dean Malenko early Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Benoit. His struggle and ultimately his victory echoes the struggles of those technical masters who put on great matches but never got main event booking till the very end of their careers when in the mainstream. Also Daniel Bryan always took a beating and kept coming. And like I said, he tips his hat to the tragic heroes of the great WCW era that went toe to toe with WWE/F’s attitude era‚ĶDaniel Bryan’s comedic presence when rocking with Kane was also a winner. I love a good sense of humor in a wrestler like when Big Show made his SNL debut and everyone was like heeeey that guy is hilarious!

MJ: Your love and passion for wrestling, how far back does it go? As a kid who did you idolize or wish you could be? Continue reading Interview with Super Fan Rob