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MOSES MANSON retirement speech at UPWA Full Throttle

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, Moses Manson entered the UPWA ring one last time to formally announce his retirement from professional wrestling.

In July, after his team was defeated in War Games at UPWA Summer Showdown, Moses was forced into retirement.  “The Tasmaster” Kevin Sullivan even took it upon himself to ensure this after the match, with the help of a wrench.

In this exclusive video, Moses addresses the fans, speaks on his UPWA and pro wrestling career, and even tries to make amends with his former friend, The Stro.

AYP Wrestling would like to wish Moses Manson the best of  luck.



EXCLUSIVE! JAGGER “exposes” PWF to CWA Student and fans, throws post match tantrum

At PWF Raising The Bar, AYP Wrestling captured footage of disgruntled PWF veteran Jagger discouraging both a young fan and a current CWA student from making a career in pro wrestling. Things got so intense that President Bert Foxx escorted CWA student Lance Grimes away, forbidding him to have further interaction with Jagger.  Then, after his match with “Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews, Jagger went on a tirade, once again “exposing” Colby Corino and the PWF, including the fact that Colby and his father, King Corino have excluded Jagger from the upcoming PWF Legacy Cup tournament, despite being last year’s winner.  Is this a conspiracy?  You be the judge.


Big Cat Andy Nichols recently interviewed PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion, The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo about his 200+ day reign as champion and PWF’s next big event, Black Reign.  Jannazzo also breaks down his two wrestling families, The Syndicate and The Slambinos.