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AYP Wrestling Podcast: ECW Original Axl Rotten part 2

On this episode of the AYP Wrestling Podcast, “Big Cat” Andy Nichols and Dr. Lewis Feinman continue and conclude their candid conversation with ECW original, Axl Rotten.

Axl talks about how Vince and NXT are not good at all for the wrestling business, the difference between spports entertainment and professional wrestling, his friendship with the late, great Chris Candido, he and Balls Mahoney wrestling Candido and Lance Storm, Lowlife Louie Ramos, things getting out of control at live ECW events, his relationship with Ian Rotten and if he has any regrets about being linked to him, drug addiction and sobrriety, and how many KISS concerts he has attended.  Axl does not sugar coat anything, and keeps things as extreme and hardcore as he can.

AYP Wrestling Podcast: ECW Original Axl Rotten part 2

AYP Wrestling Podcast: “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton

“Big Cat” Andy Nichols welcomes one half of The Fantastics, Bobby Fulton to the AYP Wrestling podcast.

Bobby talks about coming up in the Ohio wrestling scene, working WWWF tv tapings as a teenager, promoting his first show as a teenager, working with Wild Bull Curry and Flying Fred Curry, hilarious stories of bringing  Dr. Jerry Graham home, being ribbed by Stan Stasiak, teaming with Eric Embry in Nashville for Nick Gulas, working for Stu Hart (including his great Stu Hart impersonation), unofficially winning his first tag title as part of a rib with Lynn Denton, Cuban Assassin, and Dynamite Kid (funny!), Memphis, scaffold matches, The Sheepherders, Adrian Street, the exposure of the business and the disappearance of kayfabe, The Fantastics’ overwhelming popularity in World Class, why Kevin Von Erich recently apologized to Tommy Rogers about The Fantastics’ time in WCCW, the genuinity of the Von Erichs, the night Tommy Rogers saved Kevin Von Erich’s life in the ring in Ft. Worth, what he had to do with Bruiser Brody quitting Joe Blanchard’s promotion, lighting Jim Cornette’s pants on fire in the dressing room, “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert, his conversations with Ray Traylor in Japan, how Tommy Rogers is doing these days, owning a wrestling school at one time with Ivan Koloff,

We close out with Bobby explaining his recent contact with C. Scott Amman of the WWE legal department, regarding the WWE’s use of his and others’ likeness on dvds and the network without consent. Bobby talks about potential legal proceedings against WWE and any other parties involved, plus he addresses his critics and supporters.

AYP Wrestling Podcast: “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton

AYP Wrestling Podcast: Generation Ace Colby Corino & HIW’s Curtis Blaire

“Big Cat” Andy Nichols and Dr. Lewis Feinman are joined by two young lions of the business on this episode, “Generation Ace” Colby Corino and the newest member of HIW‘s Action Awesome Army, Curtis Blaire.

To kick things off, Curtis joins us to discuss some of pro wrestling’s current events, including the Seth Rollins social media scandal and tonight’s live NXT special, as well as recent happpenings in HIW and their National Pro Wrestling Day in Tucson, AZ.

Then we are joined by, perhaps the youngest veteran of the sport, Colby Corino.  In this rare podcast appearance, Colby talks about his first experiences in the business, bandaging his father, Steve Corino,  in the locker room after his ECW battles, his passion for the business, involvement in Ring Of Honor and his possible future with the company, travelling to Japan with his dad and his famous punch,  his upcoming PWF junior heavyweight title defense against “Country Jacked” Corey Hollis  this Friday night’s PWF event, Wrestlebowl 3, and more.

AYP Wrestling Podcast w/ Curtis Blaire and Colby Corino