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AYP Wrestling Podcast: F1rst Generation’s James Anthony and Punkrock Pitbull Vinny Cenzo

On this week’s AYP Wrestling Podcast we are first joined by one half of  the RWC and PWF tag team champions, F1rst Generation, James Anthony.  We discuss teaming with his partner, “Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews, working singles vs tags, training at FCW with Steve Keirn, Norma Smiley,  EC3, and Fandango, plus his team’s feud with Team Fab, and what will happen at the upcoming PWF show this weekend.

Then we are joined by New Jersey independent wrestler, “Punk Rock Pitbull” Vinny Cenzo.  Vinny talks about the Monster Factory, training with Danny Cage, working a recent benefit show for LIWF founder Bobby Lombardi (and how you can help Bobby), his relationship with “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe, Jersey indies, and his upcoming schedule, including working with Haku/Meng.

AYP Wrestling Podcast : F1rst Generation’s James Anthony and Punkrock Pitbull Vinny Cenzo

Interview with the “Punk Rock Pitbull” Vinny Cenzo

MJ: Let me begin by thanking you for this opportunity and for your time. Let’s go back a bit, when did your love for the squared circle begin?

Vinny: I appreciate you guys reaching out to me. This is a no brainer. Still have the visual etched in my brain. I was 7 years old in the Philly Spectrum and watching Bret and Slaughter go back and forth. I was beyond sold that this was my life.

"Punk Rock Pitbull" Vinny CenzoMJ: What a match to be at that would sell anyone! Who were some other legends you followed growing up or possibly mimicked?

Vinny: Those early years I was captivated like most by the larger than life dudes like Hogan, Warrior, Sting, Macho Man, etc… It was always a bad day to be my Ted Dibiase wrestling pillow buddy. I constantly whipped his ass. As I grew older I really gravitated towards tag team standouts like Faces of Fear, LOD, Brain Busters, and Steiner’s.

MJ: Besides that match at the Spectrum that changed your life, when did you knows your love and hobby for wrestling would further into a career? Continue reading Interview with the “Punk Rock Pitbull” Vinny Cenzo