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The AYP Wrestling Podcast returns with Jagger and his former tag team partner, Rodney Leary.

Our old buddy, Jagger, returns to talk about the recent events at PWF‘s Revolution Against Evolution, specifically being double crossed by his mystery partner, Cedric Alexander, feuding with Reggie “The Real” Reason and Timmy Lou Retton, the upcoming PWF Burning event, and PWF’s Tommy Rich training seminar on August 1.

We are then joined by Jagger’s former partner, Scab, aka Rodney Leary, of Project Superhero.  Rodney explains his concept of  volunteers dressing as superheroes, reading to young people, in schools and libraries.  He also talks about his pro wrestling career, working at the Break The Barrier event at the ECW Arena, being inducted into the SCW Hall Of Fame, working for GOUGE, and more.


Podcast from Parts Unknown: Jagger and Corey Havoc

This is the debut episode of AYP Wrestling’s latest show, Podcast From Parts Unknown, co-hosted by “The Big Cat” Andy Nichols of the AYP Wrestling podcast and New Jersey based independent wrestler, “The Punk Rock Pitbull” Vinny Cenzo.  This episode’s guests are North Carolina indy wrestler, Jagger, and New Jersey’s Corey Havoc.

Jagger discusses his career, from how he broke into wrestling, coming up in the biz in North Carolina, working at the Break The Barrier show at ECW Arena in 1999, to his time in PWF.  He talks about challenging the current PWF heavyweight champion, Cedric Alexander on November 23 in Hubert, NC and what a victory over Cedric would mean to his career at this stage.   He also tells a funny story about Shane Helms and Manny Fernandez.

Corey Havoc then joins us with some funny tales about life on the New Jersey indy scene and the characters involved.  Corey talks about working for ROH and WWE, the current whereabouts of  longtime NJ promoters Gino Moore and Dapper Johnny Falco (Joe Panzarino), some great Power Uti stories, the legend of the Mambo King aka La Parka USA, working with Rockin’ Rebel, his dog being a Briscoe, and life in the UK.  Plus he and Vinny discuss their recent road trip to work for FWF in Warsaw, IN.

Podcast from Parts Unknown: Jagger and Corey Havoc