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Interview with The Outlaw

MJ: Your love for sports entertainment, how far back does it go? Who are some of your favorite legends?

The OutlawOutlaw: I started watching at 8 years old. I think Saturday Night Main Event was the first show I saw because my uncle was a fan. I remember being awe struck and instantly hooked. I grew up with the WWF, AWA, WCCW, and NWA which were all on TV at the time. I remember always taking a liking to the bad guys like Kamala, bruiser Brody, John Studd, and of course my favorite Ric Flair.

MJ: I was 9, you got me beat by a year! I was raised on Saturday Night Main Event as well! Tell us were you a backyard wrestler making home videos, wishing to be a WWE star? Continue reading Interview with The Outlaw