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Big Cat Andy Nichols is joined by Moses Manson on the latest episode of the AYP Wrestling podcast.

As Manson and his Manson Family team of Mikal Mosley and Steven Strick prepare to take on Stro and UPWA heavyweight champion Mason Ryan in Wilmington, NC on July 18, Moses lets us know of his intentions for the UPWA 10th anniversary show.  We also discuss his career, his family (you won’t believe what this evil man shares about his mother), P-Funk, working with Dick Foley and Power Pro Wrestling, his friendship with Mark James of The Brutes, and more.



AYP Wresting Podcast: UPWA Owner Don Brower & Mark James of the Brutes

On this episode of the AYP Wrestling podcast, “Big Cat” Andy Nichols is hosting solo with special guests, Donald Brower of the UPWA  and one half of The Brutes, Mark James.

Donald Brower joins us first to talk about the big UPWA live event in Southport, NC on Saturday, March 14 featuring The Stro vs “Tainted Love” Daniel Messina in a strap match for the Carolina title, plus a tag team title defense by Black Hollywood, and more. We also discuss the wide array of talent that UPWA books, including the current UPWA heavyweight champion, Mason Ryan.  Brower also drops a few hints at upcoming surprises and roster additions.

Mark James of The Brutes joins us next.  He gives a brief rundown of his 14 year career and how he joined his partner in The Brutes, Jimmy Parker.  We talk about being a singles competitor vs being a tag team competitor and what the future holds for the team.  Mark tells us a few wrestlers he feels have what it takes to make it to the next level.  We switch gears a bit to find out who Mark sides with in the Biggie vs Tupac debate, Big Daddy Kane vs Rakim, and who his favorite Wu Tang Clan member is (as a bonus, we find out who “Black Cloud” Joe Black’s favorite member is too).  Back to wrestling, we discuss the Jim Cornette tribute event, promoted by Masters Of Ring Entertainment, his involvement with them, and their next event in May.  We close out the conversation with upcoming appearance dates for The Brutes and some high praise for Jimmy’s glutes.

AYP Wresting Podcast: UPWA Owner Don Brower & Mark James of the Brutes