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AYP Wrestling Podcast: Generation Ace Colby Corino & HIW’s Curtis Blaire

“Big Cat” Andy Nichols and Dr. Lewis Feinman are joined by two young lions of the business on this episode, “Generation Ace” Colby Corino and the newest member of HIW‘s Action Awesome Army, Curtis Blaire.

To kick things off, Curtis joins us to discuss some of pro wrestling’s current events, including the Seth Rollins social media scandal and tonight’s live NXT special, as well as recent happpenings in HIW and their National Pro Wrestling Day in Tucson, AZ.

Then we are joined by, perhaps the youngest veteran of the sport, Colby Corino.  In this rare podcast appearance, Colby talks about his first experiences in the business, bandaging his father, Steve Corino,  in the locker room after his ECW battles, his passion for the business, involvement in Ring Of Honor and his possible future with the company, travelling to Japan with his dad and his famous punch,  his upcoming PWF junior heavyweight title defense against “Country Jacked” Corey Hollis  this Friday night’s PWF event, Wrestlebowl 3, and more.

AYP Wrestling Podcast w/ Curtis Blaire and Colby Corino

PWF Soul Survivor January 16, 2015 Part 2

This episode of  the PWF web series features part two of PWF’s January event, Soul Survivor, including highlights of Fabulous Frankie Fontaine defending the SWE Livewire championship against The LAW’s Officer Powers, Black Cloud Joe Black vs Country Jacked Corey Hollis, Christoph Rockwell vs  Emmanuel Bodega. Plus, in its entirety, a Soul Survivor Match: Jagger & Nitestic Eddie Brown defend the PWF tag team titles against F1rst Generation and Colby Corino & TK Stark with special referee Bobby Wohlfort.