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The Journey – Step 4 – Curt gets an Opportunity

Step 4 of the Journey of the young, 14 year old professional wrestler Curt Robinson follows the opportunity to debut against wrestling legend, Steve Corino. Curt, Rob Dimension, Drew Gulak and Steve Corino all discuss what was happening before, during and after this Title match for the WaW British World Title.

The Journey – Step 1 – Curt Robinson Becomes a Professional Wrestler

This is part one the documentary titled “The Journey”, which chronicles a young man chasing his dream to become a professional wrestler. That young man is Curt Robinson; a 14 year old amateur wrestler who has grown up in and around the wrestling business who puts his goal out for all to see.
Surrounded by a great support system, including a great training facility and an array of multi talented individuals who are “lifers” within the sport, offering life lessons and guidance along the way, Curt is determined. Additional steps will follow, including preparing for an exhibition match and debuting against wrestling legend, Steve Corino. This is his 1st Step.