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“Big Irish” Pete Nixon Interview

"Big Irish" Pete NixonAYP: How long have you been involved in the wrestling business and what made you get involved?

PETE: I started training when I was 15 with Jersey All Pro Wrestling in my hometown of Bayonne, NJ. I worked my way up the ranks by first setting up and breaking down the ring, then when I was 18 they asked me to manage Crazy Ivan as the Oi Boy which I jumped at the chance, cause I loved the way he worked. Some time in between there Rick Silver was running shows in Garfield, NJ and booked me on one for a small spot. Ivan started taking me to other promotions and really got my foot in the door with ECPW, ACE, and other companies. I started like most of the guys because I was a huge wrestling fan. I was going to indy shows every month, WWE(F) shows when they were in town, even a WCW show when they did it at the Meadowlands in NJ.

AYP: Any wild Crazy Ivan stories from your Oi Boy days in JAPW? Continue reading “Big Irish” Pete Nixon Interview