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Big Cat Andy Nichols recently interviewed PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion, The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo about his 200+ day reign as champion and PWF’s next big event, Black Reign.  Jannazzo also breaks down his two wrestling families, The Syndicate and The Slambinos.

Interview with The Outlaw

MJ: Your love for sports entertainment, how far back does it go? Who are some of your favorite legends?

The OutlawOutlaw: I started watching at 8 years old. I think Saturday Night Main Event was the first show I saw because my uncle was a fan. I remember being awe struck and instantly hooked. I grew up with the WWF, AWA, WCCW, and NWA which were all on TV at the time. I remember always taking a liking to the bad guys like Kamala, bruiser Brody, John Studd, and of course my favorite Ric Flair.

MJ: I was 9, you got me beat by a year! I was raised on Saturday Night Main Event as well! Tell us were you a backyard wrestler making home videos, wishing to be a WWE star? Continue reading Interview with The Outlaw

Interview with the “Punk Rock Pitbull” Vinny Cenzo

MJ: Let me begin by thanking you for this opportunity and for your time. Let’s go back a bit, when did your love for the squared circle begin?

Vinny: I appreciate you guys reaching out to me. This is a no brainer. Still have the visual etched in my brain. I was 7 years old in the Philly Spectrum and watching Bret and Slaughter go back and forth. I was beyond sold that this was my life.

"Punk Rock Pitbull" Vinny CenzoMJ: What a match to be at that would sell anyone! Who were some other legends you followed growing up or possibly mimicked?

Vinny: Those early years I was captivated like most by the larger than life dudes like Hogan, Warrior, Sting, Macho Man, etc… It was always a bad day to be my Ted Dibiase wrestling pillow buddy. I constantly whipped his ass. As I grew older I really gravitated towards tag team standouts like Faces of Fear, LOD, Brain Busters, and Steiner’s.

MJ: Besides that match at the Spectrum that changed your life, when did you knows your love and hobby for wrestling would further into a career? Continue reading Interview with the “Punk Rock Pitbull” Vinny Cenzo