HIW - High Impact Wrestling

The NEW High Impact Wrestling TV Episode 6

This episode of High Impact Wrestling covers more of the events that took place at Midtown Bar & Grill on October 4th, 2014. First up we have Ricky Flash surrendering the HIW Tag Team Title to HIW due to the legal demands of Rave Michaels…Martel, who represents Creature Feature.

Next up Yetty of Creature Feature sticks around looking for fight. The challenge is accepted by Entapryze, who is out for revenge against anyone aligned with the Unholy Alliance and Creature Feature. Find out what sent Entapryze to the hospital!

Toom E. Guci also stops by with his first HIW appearance since being removed as commissioner. What does the future have in store for “Arizona’s Greatest Manager?”

You’ll also witness the events unfold as Ricky Flash finds a tag team partner to take on Creature Feature for the vacated HIW Tag Team title. Who will Flash pick? The identity and outcome will shock you!

And finally you’ll see the Unholy Alliance commit one of their most heinous attacks yet. Watch as the Tyrone Cabrone & Mac Havok cross the line!