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AYP Wrestling Podcast: Tucson’s Edward “The American” Knight & HIW’s Roman Alexander

Join us for a first on the AYP Wrestling Podcast as a match is made on the air! Dr. Lewis flies solo as he welcomes Tucson’s Edward “The American” Knight. We talk his memories from being a fan as a kid, his experiences hanging out and training with Don Frye in the 90’s, being used as an extra for the WWF and his 2 TV appearances, his martial arts background, his wrestling career, and his, as of now, return to the wrestling ring for one night only as he accepts Roman Alexander’s challenge for a match on October 25th’s HIW Tucson wrestling reunion show!

But wait there’s more! Roman Alexander himself joins the show with Ed Knight and the two talk about their now upcoming match, the Unholy Alliance, Creature Feature, and more! A fun show as always!

AYP Wrestling Podcast with Tucson’s Edward “The American” Knight & HIW’s Roman Alexander