"Punk Rock Pitbull" Vinny Cenzo

Interview with the “Punk Rock Pitbull” Vinny Cenzo

MJ: Let me begin by thanking you for this opportunity and for your time. Let’s go back a bit, when did your love for the squared circle begin?

Vinny: I appreciate you guys reaching out to me. This is a no brainer. Still have the visual etched in my brain. I was 7 years old in the Philly Spectrum and watching Bret and Slaughter go back and forth. I was beyond sold that this was my life.

"Punk Rock Pitbull" Vinny CenzoMJ: What a match to be at that would sell anyone! Who were some other legends you followed growing up or possibly mimicked?

Vinny: Those early years I was captivated like most by the larger than life dudes like Hogan, Warrior, Sting, Macho Man, etc… It was always a bad day to be my Ted Dibiase wrestling pillow buddy. I constantly whipped his ass. As I grew older I really gravitated towards tag team standouts like Faces of Fear, LOD, Brain Busters, and Steiner’s.

MJ: Besides that match at the Spectrum that changed your life, when did you knows your love and hobby for wrestling would further into a career?

Vinny: I was consumed by it growing up. A lot of kids I knew either didn’t give a s**t or loved it “in waves”. That didn’t work for me. So my high school years I didn’t really care for anyone outside my closest friends and art class. I wasn’t much good at anything else. I went to art school, and it just didn’t pan out for me so knowing I loved wrestling more anyways, I went after it.

MJ: Talk about those moments when you shared the ring with some of Wrestlings greatest?

Vinny: I have had the opportunity to be in there with a lot of the best. Only because I was trained by the best, Pretty Boy Larry Sharpes Monster Factory in Paulsboro. I was regularly trained by Danny Cage, ECWs Bilvis Wesley and Blue Meanie. The knowledge and drive you get from there is not able to be duplicated. So in my short career I’ve been spoiled I have jumped in there with Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Balls Mahoney, Kevin Nash, Rikishi, The Patriot, Marty Jannetty and several more “TV Stars”. The one that stands out to me is Pitbull Gary Wolf who I have traded fists with on few occasions. Me, being the #PRPB (punkrockpitbull) is completely due to that team. I couldn’t get enough of their ECW work. So every opportunity I have had to work with Gary is not only an honor and learning experience but fun. I think we both have enjoyed bashing each other’s brains in…I’d say the funniest was at Rowan University where he literally beat my ass in their Rec Center in front of the students. This is where I also met my lovely girlfriend…go figure lol.
MJ: Wow, to share a ring with Snuka must have been an amazing and unforgettable experience! Ok Vinny, let’s talk the Stinkface! I was at the match where you were able to escape the Stinkface! What was it like working with Rikishi? He is very funny, down to earth, and really gives back to the kids!

Vinny: Absolutely. That don’t trade head-butts with a Samoan jive is no joke, and I learned that the hard way with Superfly and Rikishi. I wasn’t lucky enough to escape the Stinkface the first go round with Rikishi but this past match in Lacey I did. Dude is just as incredible now as he has ever been. Agile, strong, and as you said it’s clear he loves this business years after being on the road for WWE giving back to the kids.

"Punk Rock Pitbull" Vinny CenzoMJ: Right now fans see you as a heel. You play and feed right into that role! Your character is so believable and intense! I enjoy how you entice and get the crowd really going! Give us the inside scoop on how Vinny prepares and gets into character.

Vinny: It’s pretty easy. I don’t do face paint or try to be something I’m not. I’m a dude from NJ with a lot of life experience and lot of intensity. Whether people want to get behind me or shout sh**head at me that’s their business. I’m confident enough in who I am and what I can do that they are going to give me one or the other and a lot of it. The intensity you see when I step out that curtain usually gets triggered by some kill switch or the word alive through the earphones, and hearing the audience’s energy.

MJ: What’s next? What are your hopes and expectations as a wrestler? Were you a backyard wrestler now dreaming to make it in the big leagues? I can see Cenzo going toe to toe with Daniel Bryan…Half the arena shouting Yes Yes Yes and the other half shouting Cenzo Cenzo Cenzo!

Vinny: I have high expectations for myself. My goal is on any show I’m on or whichever promotion it may be, to have whoever bought a ticket absolutely feel like it was the best admission price they ever spent. I continue to work for quite a few promotions like Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, FWF, SJW, and SOW. I will be debuting with some new ones as well like On Point Wrestling, BWO, and Coastal Pro Wrestling. My highest hope would be to wrestle internationally. But truth be told, I sincerely enjoy the intimate setting of Indy shows and training. I work with Chris Michaels of SJW helping train his students like Timmy Rich, Nick Gordon, and others. I just want to see wrestling keep evolving and people keep growing to have the best possible shows there can be.

MJ: As we wrap up, I will pass you the ring announcer’s mic…give the fans something good!

Vinny: Hailing from Asbury Park, NJ with an ego and in ring talent that exceeds the length of his nose (it’s really long), there’s one, there’s only…Punk Rock Pitbull …Tag Team Wrestling extraordinaire Vinny Cenzo!