The Outlaw

Interview with The Outlaw

MJ: Your love for sports entertainment, how far back does it go? Who are some of your favorite legends?

The OutlawOutlaw: I started watching at 8 years old. I think Saturday Night Main Event was the first show I saw because my uncle was a fan. I remember being awe struck and instantly hooked. I grew up with the WWF, AWA, WCCW, and NWA which were all on TV at the time. I remember always taking a liking to the bad guys like Kamala, bruiser Brody, John Studd, and of course my favorite Ric Flair.

MJ: I was 9, you got me beat by a year! I was raised on Saturday Night Main Event as well! Tell us were you a backyard wrestler making home videos, wishing to be a WWE star?

Outlaw: I knew I wanted to be a wrestler at 8. Being an only child I didn’t have many people to act out with so I would wrestle the pillows and play with the action figures. I created all kinds of super matches and almost any figure would do. He Man was the world champ several times! In high school playing sports we would throw down the mats and have wrestling matches before and after practice sometimes.

MJ: When did you get started professionally and when did your career with FWF take off?

Outlaw: I’ve been wrestling since 2000. I trained in Yonkers, NY with the Puerto Rican Assassin then moved to NJ and became friends with Donnie B., and his brother Nova, who ran a local promotion Phoenix Championship Wrestling. After 4 years on the Jersey scene I got invited to OVW which at the time was the WWE developmental training center. When WWE pulled out I ended up staying in Kentucky and wrestling through the south for many top promotions. In 2009 I attended the Harley Race Camp and was invited to do Smackdown by Ricky Steamboat. At Smackdown they offered me two more dates and if all went well I was going to be sent to Tampa under contract…Unfortunately I tore my knee half a week later and that was the end of my career and opportunity, at least at the high level. I moved back to Jersey last year and my friend SP Anderson who is the FWF head ref invited me out to do some shows. JD Smooth, FWF owner, booked me and I have done several shows the past year for the promotion. FWF gave me a chance to finish my career on my own terms!

MJ: Wow that is incredible! Talk about your very first wrestling match.

Outlaw: My very first match was in Harlem NY. The ring was actually set up in the middle of the street! It was a fundraiser and over 400 people from the local community came out, like kind of a huge block party! I was super nervous and very green as they say in the industry and my opponent was none other than WWF star SD Jones. I was in awe wrestling a guy I watched on TV… match went ok and the rest is history!

MJ: was it difficult to wrestle while in awe?

Outlaw: Oh yeah! I was very nervous but he helped me out and coached me through it. After the match he told my trainer I had a bright future…as excited as I was I was happy it was over, lol.

MJ: Now talk about your last match with Atomic Dog. I got to see that match, it was the best match on the card! By the way, I was the lady you were yelling at to stop cheering for Atomic Dog.

Outlaw: Ha-ha! I started out with Dog, we worked the same circuit and ended up tagging a lot back then. I went on to OVW and he stayed here working locally. When I came back and did the first FWF show he was there and we rekindled our friendship. When I knew my last match was coming up I wanted it to be memorable and no better way to end it with the champ! I have a lot of respect for him and knew we could tear it up. I wanted to go out with bang and that’s just what we did!

MJ: And that is definitely what you did! Ok MR. OUTLAW….Heel or good guy, what is your preference?

Outlaw: I’ve done both during my career, but I truly prefer being the bad guy.

MJ: why is that? You act that part very well, I might add!

Outlaw: There is something about the way people interact with the heel. To get their attention is a very hard thing and if done correctly you can really get them involved. I love to entertain and love the reaction. The funny thing is as much as the fans boo and holler, they are usually the first to ask for a picture or autograph and that makes me feel great!

MJ: guilty as charged! I love trash talking the heels! Ok, tell us what is next for Benjamin Wood?

Outlaw: well since 2009 I have been acting. I’ve had appearances on many TV shows, music videos, and have had roles in major films with Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Vince Vaughn, Seth Rogen and more. The next stop is New Orleans where the film community is really taking off. My goal is to be a successful actor or at least continue to have a job somewhere in the entertainment industry.

MJ: Amazing work, you have come a long way! How can fans continue to follow you and your upcoming projects?

Outlaw: Fans can follow on Facebook or IMDB

MJ: thank you for that with your fans. Before we wrap up grab the ring mic and share anything else you might want the world to know!

Outlaw: I’d like to thank all the fans all over the world for a decade of support. Without them none of us would have the opportunity to live our dreams…as far as dreams don’t ever give up for you can accomplish anything you desire with passion and dedication to your craft!

MJ: thank you for taking time out of your schedule for this interview, your time is appreciated!

Outlaw: Thank you so much!