Super Fan Rob

Interview with Super Fan Rob

MJ: Ok Rob, first I got to know what is it about Daniel Bryan that makes you a fan?

Super Fan RobRob: I was always a fan of Chris Benoit. When I saw Daniel doing a flying head butt and a crippler cross face of his own I became a fan. Also I was always a fan of the Dean Malenko early Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Benoit. His struggle and ultimately his victory echoes the struggles of those technical masters who put on great matches but never got main event booking till the very end of their careers when in the mainstream. Also Daniel Bryan always took a beating and kept coming. And like I said, he tips his hat to the tragic heroes of the great WCW era that went toe to toe with WWE/F’s attitude era…Daniel Bryan’s comedic presence when rocking with Kane was also a winner. I love a good sense of humor in a wrestler like when Big Show made his SNL debut and everyone was like heeeey that guy is hilarious!

MJ: Your love and passion for wrestling, how far back does it go? As a kid who did you idolize or wish you could be?

Rob: This morning I was asking myself why do I remember Mr. T and Roddy Piper and WrestleMania I? Oh wait I was 4 or 5 I could remember that. My dad with his love for the Incredible Hulk made me a fan of Comics and Hogan since before I could remember. He took me to I think it was a Monday Night main event or the Saturday Night show and I saw the Iron Sheik enter the ring with Hogan. He bought me one of my favorite things that still exists in my Grandma’s house, THE YELLOW FOAM FINGERS. My dad got me into 3 things- COMICS, WRESTLING, and Music a la Vinyl. Sadly my brother got all of his technical talent for working on cars and fixing things. I got THE FUN STUFF…He was also a big fan of Mil Mascaras which I later incorporated into my music branding in 2010. I was dj-ing in a different Luchador mask every night. If you check my cover (by Fresh Daily) for the album Open Buffet, I’m depicted rocking a mask.

MJ: I sounds like our fathers were brothers! I remember being at matches with the foam finger! My father taking me to every event in NY! Ok let’s talk WrestleMania 2014…..Favorite match and least favorite match? What do you think about Takers broken streak, was it time?

Rob: My favorite match was the Battle Royal because Alberto Del Rio was throwing dudes out with such cunning and technical skill. I was also happy that another ring technician, Cesaro, won the event to make up for the demise of the Royal Rumble that we all wanted Reigns to win…Undertaker should’ve lost to CM PUNK last year. Undertaker’s phenomenal streak could not continue to be believable with such a thing as the internet. I think we’ve seen the pic of the Undertaker with his white hair and beard. It just wasn’t believable for Taker to fight who probably is or was the best fighter in the world and win. It was stupid to see them both in their UFC SHOOT FIGHTING GLOVES. To think at that moment, Undertaker saw himself as the Poser. I wish they’d written something better for the Undertaker’s demise. He was so slow and tired. I love how out of sheer respect no one cried “boring” like they would in a Cena match. I may sound irreverent but I was shocked and depressed and had flash backs of the evilest ginger with Paul Bearer and the grey gloves…My least favorite match would have to be Cena versus Bray Wyatt. Only because Bray worked so damn hard to lose. He did the moves and the acting. Cena has a real “stiffy up his arse that doesn’t, what, let him do an ECW move”? I mean the women’s title match started off wack but AJ LEE’s comedic but awesome finisher really won my heart. Those girls were pulling and selling some good moves after they got into the groove. And the twins set the stage for some future friction so that not all women’s matches televised are championship bouts. Paige winning the next night was great but that finishing counter sweep was wack.

MJ: Heel or face? What’s your preference as a fan?

Rob: We all grew up loving the face as children. As we grew up I think cynicism makes us root for the bad guy or experiences make us sympathetic to the plight of the villain. How many people love Magneto and Doctor Doom now? How many of us love the UNDERTAKER? How many of us follow the Iron Sheik on twitter? After Macho Man traumatized me by jumping off the top rope with the bell into Steamboat’s neck, I felt the bad guys really knew what they were doing. I was talking to you earlier about how I thought TRIPLE H was going to get the belt. While the Face represents naivety, the WWE makes one currently root for the heel with Cena as their main face. And now with Cesaro being a Paul Heyman guy. Who knows? When heels turn face we receive a feeling of redemption as well The Shield these days.

MJ: Well said! I appreciate your points of view. Please, for those that don’t understand, share why there are millions and millions of fans! What does sports entertainment do for you? For me I have to say it’s the drama, the trash talking, the aerobatics, and the carefree zone it puts me in.

Rob: As a kid I saw these guys like Great giant man Gods and heroes that left my comics, or the movies, or my He-Man collection. As a late teenager Triple H’s arms made me want to hit the gym harder. As a man, it’s the writing and predicting the twists in plot while enjoying the fearless athleticism and superhuman herculean feats. I was referee for a local Wrestling league called Sports Entertainment Explosion (SEX) in 2001 under the name of Rob Shooter. I got to learn a lot about technique and move selling or tucking your neck into your chest when selling a suplex. I really don’t listen to the “oh that’s fake” nay sayers. Balance your fat ass on a rope, and if you’re 280 plus pounds and can, join a wrestling promotion!

Super Fan RobMJ: If you could step into the squared circle, who would be one of you opponents and who would be one of your tag partners?

Rob: I would like if it were ECW with Taz, Benoit, or Angle…For me to fight Nacho Libre’ of course!

MJ: last question, what are the first word or words that come to mind when you hear Flair, Warrior, Vinnie Mac, and Bret Hart?

Rob: Space Mountain, stiff wrestler, innovator, and executer!

MJ: Rob it has been a pleasure as always thank you for your time, it is appreciated!

Rob: Thank you for having me and entertaining my obsessions!