Johnny Kool

Interview with Johnny Kool

Johnny KoolMJ: Thank you for taking the time for this interview with AYP Wrestling, your time is appreciated. Let’s jump right in, March 29th, Lacey Township you experienced the Stinkface! What does that do to ones’ ego?

Johnny Kool: Yes I got the Stinkface from that 450 LB Samoan beast. Not once but twice! First time was in Sterling NJ and then again at the Lacey show. Rikishi is on my hit list! I still cannot get that smell off of me and experience daily nightmares. It is the most disgusting experience ever…

MJ: As I can see from social media, you are definitely a jack of all trades, and wear many hats. When did you know the role as manager in Sports Entertainment was your calling?

Johnny Kool: Yes I do a lot of different things or wear many hats. I own a construction company, Axis Builders. I also am a business and life coach. I am a charter captain and run my own boat for fishing charters and sunset dinner cruises. I write and compose music. I use to be in a band but just write for me. I feel like I have a story to tell… I have my own radio show on WBNJ 91.9 FM every Saturday morning at 8:00. Show is John the Builder Show. It is a Bob Vila type show. I’m currently working on writing two books in marketing and business. I am president of the Lacey Chamber Of commerce. I am very active in supporting the local food bank along with many other charities. Yes and last but not least. Pro wrestling. My dream job. Not a job of course as I love it. I love that the kids love to hate me. The more people I make angry the better it makes me feel. So yeah. I keep quite busy but wouldn’t want it any other way… I’ve always loved wrestling. Since I was a kid. To me the best part of wrestling was not really the wrestling itself. It was the storyline. Wrestling has a lot to offer. It has action. Drama. Suspense. And comedy. Yeah I got the stink face but I’m sure many people got a big laugh from it. Not me of course….. I first got involved with wrestling about 4 years ago in Lacey. That was a fundraiser I organized for kids with Autism. I didn’t get a Stinkface but did get my haircut by Brutus the Barber Beefcake. My all-time favorite wrestling personality was Bobby the Brain Heenan. He and Gorilla Monsoon were a RIOT (no pun intended)… Wrestling again is more than just wrestling. It is entertainment…It’s my calling for sure… I love doing it.

MJ: I’ve been to several events and had the opportunity to trash talk as you walked into the squared circle. Talk about that walk from backstage to the ring. What’s going through your mind? Is it an adrenaline rush to hear the fans trash talk?

Johnny Kool: Definite rush walking into the ring from backstage. Especially with a very interactive energetic crowd. The more they talk crap to me the more I love it. I’ll come right back in their face… Walking in you never know what will happen. Who will say what? Who has a sign that makes me want to rip it in half? My mind is in hyper mode. Trying to concentrate on winning our match but distractions from the crowd is good. Again energy from the crowd feeds me. I know how to control a crowd and they don’t know I’m controlling them. Kind of like a science project. I test out new things each time. Always learning new things…
MJ: Do you ever worry or get concerned about getting hurt? As that is always a risk with wrestling.

Johnny Kool: Yes. I do worry about getting hurt. I am hurt!!!! I have a broken neck!!! Hello!!! That was a dumb question!!! My neck was severely injured by Balls Mahoney. He is another one on my hit list.

MJ: Are you looking into the big leagues or are you content with the intimacy of the smaller venues?

Johnny Kool: At this point on my life I am content with working the local pro wrestling circuit. But I always think big with everything I do so I certainly wouldn’t rule out Johnny Kool in the WWE. Yeah… I like the sound of that. I’m much better than Vicky Guerro or any of those big name managers.

MJ: What’s it like to be in the ring with some of wrestlings greatest? Maybe some of the greatest that you once watched or mimicked!

Johnny Kool: I like Paul Heyman. He knows how to work a crowd. I would have to say… I’m a Paul Heyman guy. I’m honored to work along the side of so many legends. I’ve worked with some of the best in the business. Now some of them do need to learn to keep their grimy hands off of me though. Or asses out if my face!!! I’ve had my share of taking down some legends and hall of Famers. Here I am knocking Tito Santana on his face with my own two hands. Pretty Kool huh?? I must say its pretty Kool to be in the ring with some of these legends I use to watch on TV. It’s a surreal actually. I’ve worked with so many big names. Sal Sincere my favorite to work with. Others I worked with. The Patriot. Tito Santana. Brutus beefcake. Matt Hardy. Rikishi. Val Venus. Rhett Titus. Vader. Too many to list. All-time favorite manager is, well besides me, Bobby the Brain Heenan. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing this today.

MJ: Take this time to share with fans how they can see you and follow you, upcoming shows?

Johnny Kool: I’m currently booked for Sterling NJ on June 6th with Greg the Hammer Valentine. Also October 18th in Brick with Mick Foley. Talk about legends!!! Many more dates coming soon…. Johnny Kool is wanted by many but I’m selective where I go…

Johnny Kool & RikishiMJ: Grab the ring announcer’s mic from MJ, give the fans something good…

Johnny Kool: “Now let me tell you something MJ… I’m tired of these legends putting their hands on me. I’m a manager. I get paid to use my brains not my hands… I’m really sick and tired of these big gorillas putting their hands on me. I’m injured. No one should touch me. I’m also tired of people telling me that I’m faking my neck injury. I’ve even shown my X-ray to prove it. Why would I fake that??? I’m also tired of fans with their anti-Kool posters. Or mocking my expensive Italian pure silk scarves. I’m Kool they are all jealous. But what bothers me most is that blond headed dummy Savannah. How dare she put her hands on me. I have no problem knocking her out. In fact I did just that twice and wouldn’t mind doing it again. I mean no offense but women don’t belong in the ring. This is for men. Women belong at home cooking. Cleaning. Caring for the children. That’s their place. So yeah Savannah pisses me off… Oh. Then there is the Peanut head Frankie Fives. Mr. Peanut himself. He’s just annoying. Always has something to say. He needs a Kool Beat down…Johnny Kool maybe not a fan favorite, but the fans really can’t seem to do without me”!