Atomic Dog

Interview with Atomic Dog

Atomic DogMJ: When did your career begin with FWF?

Atomic Dog: My time in FWF began a few years ago in 2010 officially before FWF bought out NWS that was in association together. The talent was shared between the two promotions. I have already had an in ring relationship with promoter JD Smooth. He always said he wanted me on his shows, but due to other reasons I couldn’t do the Sunday shows. In 2010 that changed and I began going to Delaware to do the shows.

MJ: What legends besides junkyard dog have influenced you?

Atomic Dog: The biggest influence has been “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who set the standard for professional wrestling. He is the single reason wrestling is the big money industry it has become today! That is just my 62 cents. Then you have Stone Cold Steve Austin, who showed me that my attitude and lifestyle has a place in the business. Another influence was a guy that didn’t get the fanfare that he deserved, Rocky King. He was an NWA Jenner that made the stars look good on Saturdays. Then last but not least, there is Iron Mike Sharpe, who took the time to train me and work with me. He believed in me when others didn’t. He taught me the back stage things that has been the biggest help in my career.

MJ: Talk about the experience of meeting and being in the ring with some of WWE’s greatest.

Atomic Dog: Meeting and being in the ring with some of the great wrestlers of all times has been the biggest gift that the business has given me. The knowledge they share is priceless. The stories they tell are classic!
MJ: How has Atomic Dog grown as a wrestler since his first match?

Atomic Dog & MJAtomic Dog: Not just FWF, but in every independent promotion I work for, the Dog has improved so much. I have learn to be comfortable with wrestling in the likeness of JYD. With respect to my Groove brother, I feel I have his blessing to keep his legacy alive.

MJ: How would Atomic Dog rate as a heel in your opinion?

Atomic Dog: Well this question can be answered with one name…Hasheem Ali. One of the bad-est around!

MJ: what’s next for Atomic Dog?

Atomic Dog: What’s next for me (Atomic Dog)? I am still pushing for the big time in the WWE! I am interested in acting and have made some contacts in that effort. Outside wrestling I plan on becoming a kindergarten teacher.